The Bee, the Government and Big Business

The British Government has long championed the Climate Change cause, on the basis of some very dubious science. They had to stop calling it Global Warming when we were all getting colder. Brr! When anyone points to a hole in the Climate Change case, they resort to the Precautionary Principle: if you're not sure, act on the worst assumption. I'm all for this, except that most of the world is doing nothing about carbon emissions and the end result will be to make British industry even less competitive against high-polluting countries such as the US and China.

But why does the precautionary principle apply to carbon emissions and not to neonicotinoid insecticides? The answer seems to be that big business (wind turbine manufacturers, etc.) are making a lot of money out of climate change and big business (insecticide manufacturers) is making lots of money out of neonicitinoids. Obviously, big businesses are also on the also on the other decide of both issues but it is clear which side the government is listening to.

I'm with the bees on this one.

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