The Mischief-Maker by Julia Lacey-Brooke

Steam is once more belching forth from the tottering chimney-stacks of Tiger HQ as we prepare for the publication of Julia Lacey Brooke's The Mischief-Maker on 12 June. We don't usually publish fiction and this is really a very special novel, so special that we've entered it for the Man Booker. It is also, in my opinion, just perfect to be made into a television serial, especially as one of the main characters is himself a TV man.

The Mischief-Maker is the first of a loose trilogy of novels. The second is called Circled by the Sands and is mostly set in Italy. Where The Mischief-Maker is a very dark comedy, with incest, blackmail, drug-taking and murder, Circled by the Sands is a rather gentler comedy of manners, although it also involves skullduggery and murder. I am told that the third book, provisionally called Hostages, is almost finished and I can't wait to read it.

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