Trivago – Feeble Ads and Bad English

On my home from the Chelsea Flower Show on Wednesday, I spotted another of those incredibly feeble and annoying advertisements for Trivago.

Trivago (apparently a contraction of 'trip vacation go') is a very stupid name and the company is clearly struggling to make up for this initial blunder.

This advertisement is one of a series of advertisements which claim that 'trivago' means something or other in a foreign language. They wouldn't be very good even if the claims were just about plausible, but they're not plausible. Does 'trivago' look as though it might be a Czech word? Could it mean 'saver of time by searching huge amount of booking websites to find ideal hotel'? No.

What really irritates me, however, is 'huge amounts of booking websites'. Booking websites, unlike water or butter, are countable, so, by the accepted norms, one should say 'number' not 'amount'. This is only convention, of course; one can choose to ignore it, but one does so at the risk of seeming semi-literate. Moreover, Trivago is a German company and, in my experience, Germans have very conservative opinions about language and are even keen to lecture the English on their own language.

My advice to Trivago? Change the name.

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