A New Sales Technique

It has often been said that those people who cold-call offering to 'help' you with claiming money for mis-selling of payment protection insurance (PPI) are as bad as the bank employees who sold PPI in the first place. I suspect that some of them are actually fomer bank employees who lost their job for selling you the PPI in the first place.

I get pjoned up once or twice a day by these people. It is particularly annoying because they aren't actually at the end of the line when I answer. They are using auto-dialling and calling several people at once, so when you answer their exchange calls them back.

Being a little bit annoyed by this behaviour, I answered today with the words, 'If you're calling about PPI, I'm not interested.' Instead of being disarmed by my candour, the Asian-sounding man replied, 'Then go to hell,' and put down the phone. Those are the sort of people we are dealing with.

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