The Lemon Groves of Richmond upon Thames

They used to call it Global Warming until some of us pointed out it was getting bloody cold. So now they call it Climate Change and every time there is a change in the weather (and British weather is always unpredictable) they point to it as proof of their hypotheses.

I prefer to be more cautious in my judgement and, since we could certainly benefit from some warmer and dryer weather at the moment, let us hope that there is some truth in the predictions of Climate Change. Perhaps the picture above is evidence of it: a ripe and fragrant lemon from my garden in Richmond upon Thames. My sister gave me the tree a few years ago and it has been enjoying the English climate ever since (rather more than I have, I suspect). Not for one minute has it been kept inside or protected from the elements.

I live in hope of seeing lemon groves planted on the slopes of Richmond Hill, gaily adorned by flocks of ring-necked parakeets (which, although they are a common sight in Richmond, have at present few lemon trees on which to perch).

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