Nuclear Power – Why Are Our Politicians So Dumb?

If Britain continues with its present policies to reduce carbon emissions, there is going to be a serious power shortage. That is why our politicians have (very slowly) concluded that we should have a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Unfortunately, the civil nuclear power programs in nearly all countries were not only intended to generrate power but to create plutonium for nuclear weapons. Even if one is deluded enough to believe that the UK should retain a nuclear deterrent, the country is swimming in plutonium. We don't need any more!

So why is it that Britain is planning to stick with uranium-fuelled reactors when there is far safer and cheaper technology available using thorium? As the Adrew Evans pritchard in the Telegraph points out (here), the Chinese are smart enough to go for this option. Unfortunately, our own politicians (and moribund civil servants) are just too dumb.


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